We, the Sisters of the Congregation of Jesus & Mary, serving India since 1842, committed ourselves to the promotion of a more just and humane society in our country.

The inspiration provided by our Founder’s, Claudine Thevenet, since 1818, continues to strengthen this commitment. In the India of today, the pressures of Cartesian, communal ism, poverty and exploitative structures make it imperative to equip our students not only with intellectual skills but also with a set of social, moral and spiritual values.

Our vision of education is to prepare the young and among them the poor to face challenges of society and achieve their rightful place in a competitive world. We direct our service of Education to the young and the underprivileged.

We accept responsibility for the development of the child by 

  • Preparing her to live confidently in a rapidly changing world, to involve herself in the social problems of our times and to be an effective agent in the transformation of society.
  • Helping her to grasp the basic human values, to assimilate these into her behavior and to be ever open to the Spiritual.
  • Unfolding and activating her unique potential, equipping her with skills to earn her livelihood, stimulating her creative ability so that she will have an impact on her home, her neighborhood and her country.
  • Awakening in her a social consciousness and a spirit of availability and ready service at all times and in every sphere of life


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