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297My dear Parents, Students and Well Wishers,

I am indeed glad to reach out to each one of you through our new website and mobile app. I am immensely grateful to God our Father and St. Claudine for their constant guidance and protection over all of us throughout the year.

“May all be freed from dangers. May all realize what is good. May all be actuated for those with whom you are not on good terms”.

One way in which we can develop love and concern for others is to pray for them.

Technology and modern movements like globalization and liberalization are giving a radical new cause to our ancient society. They have created a social environment as never seen before. The driving force in this environment is social development. This emphasis is a dangerous situation. It is preventing us from recognizing the significance of the revolutionary changes that our culture is undergoing.

Today, there is irreversible cultural transmutation developing in the friction between our traditional values and the emerging new values of modernity. On the negativeĀ side this cultural flux is resulting in the neglect of our ancient ethics and spiritual values.

Consequent to sidelining our moral and spiritual values, we are facing increasing crime, corruption, exploitation and strife. A more serious outcome is that our children are growing up without the stabilizing force of spirituality. Morality and Spirituality figure less and less in their dreams of success and happiness.

Our institution thus takes up the challenge every year to instill in the children human and spiritual values, a genuine concern and respect for other. The value based education and strict discipline which is imparted to our students, transform them to delicate, tender and yet bold, strong and courageous women of today’s society.

It is a greater challenge for you dear parents to walk with your child, to accept the child as she is, the beautiful creation of God.

I thank all our teaching staff, non-teaching staff and ancillary staff in providing the above life values throughout the year to the students by their hard work, co-operation and dedication.

May God bless you and be with you always

Sr. Nirmala Paul

Principal C.J.M., Vadodara


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