Online Application Portal for Claudine's Pre-Primary

Admissions for 2018-19

Claudine’s Pre-Primary will be conducting ONLINE APPLICATIONS for admission  for JUNIOR KG. YEAR 2018-19.

  • The Online application portal for Junior KG. Admissions is now CLOSED.
    No new applications can be submitted.

Please note that the new L.K.G admission of the academic year 2018-2019 the SMS will be sent to the parents of the selected students and the list of the same will be placed on the notice board on 17 February 2018 at 11: 00 a.m. For further inquiry for the payment of the fees of the selected students, please inquire at the A.V room Counter nos. A & B on 21 February 2018 between 8:30a.m. to 10:30am only. On 24 February 2018 between 8.30am and 10.30am, parents are required to bring the Demand Draft toward payment of the fees.

Selection of Applicants


The candidates selected will be notified on 17 February 2018.

Please do not disturb the school authorities during the entire application process. There are very few seats available, so your cooperation will be appreciated. You will be informed of the status of your application via SMS on the mobile numbers submitted online as part of the application.

Form No Block
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0145 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0045 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0116 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0022 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0033 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0090 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0171 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0071 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0179 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0025 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0115 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0297 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0083 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0023 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0132 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0076 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0021 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0263 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0191 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0002 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0108 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0061 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0007 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0288 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0046 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0137 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0149 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0009 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0032 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0278 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0128 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0035 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0168 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0254 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0142 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0097 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0038 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0018 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0049 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0219 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0244 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0139 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0205 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0158 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0202 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0077 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0058 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0006 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0026 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0099 A
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0140 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0242 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0051 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0127 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0019 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0019 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0163 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0285 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0110 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0030 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0201 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0118 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0117 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0068 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0167 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0103 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0293 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0081 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0276 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0183 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0056 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0087 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0043 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0230 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0064 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0039 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0093 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0215 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0234 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0291 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0079 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0130 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0268 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0156 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0262 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0105 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0198 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0286 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0143 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0031 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0134 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0233 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0237 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0195 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0107 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0089 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0050 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0125 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0240 B
CJMVAD-1819-JrKG-0042 B